Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Empower America is on a mission to provide energy solutions throughout the nation. By installing solar panels on commercial buildings across the country, we hope to create reliable and renewable solar energy for future generations. Our potential employees have expertise in developing, installing, and operating commercial solar buildings using our enhanced solar technology. Our expert technicians can get the job done, whether it be improving an already existing system or installing a completely new system. They’re here to help!


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Do you own a commercial facility with a nice flat roof? Do you have a parking are that could benefit from shaded covered parking? If so Empower America can help reduce your energy expenses, provide a quick return on your investment, and provide tax incentives. Any facility that installs solar will qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. State incentives may also still be available in your area as well.

A typical solar installation is “grid tied”. That means it feeds power onto the energy grid through your utility meter. During daylight hours your business is credited with the energy your system produces. During evening hours or times of inclement weather your home or business will draw power from the grid. Should you produce more power than you use, a monthly or annual payment may be available to you depending on your utility company.