Our Mission

Every year across America over 250,000 Veterans come home. We believe they deserve more than just a thank you and a minimum wage job. 

In response, Empower America is launching a statewide veteran workforce development program.

Workforce Development System


Every company is unique, whether it be their technology, culture or market strategies.  We believe your workforce is no different and requires more than a cookie cutter approach.

Empower America works to understand your business first, both its short and long term goals. Next we move forward to identify entry points in your workforce. Starting with places that we can develop training pathways toward an effective and productive team member.

Nevada Alliances

Empower America is building an alliance with Nevada’s public, private and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to solving the statewide workforce shortage with transitioning military veterans. By collaborating in this effort we bring together best in class trainers, funding resources, technology and growing industry leaders.